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Friday, March 18, 2011

Daily Word March 18, 2011 - "Making Your Life Count"

Joshua 14:6-12
This is the subject matter of my sermon for the youth conference in Hermitage this weekend.  If we could impress one thing upon the heart of every young person it would be this one simple truth - "You are destined for greatness".  In our passage, God has brought Caleb back to the very place he had been years before.  He and 11 other men were sent as spies into the promised land, to report back to the people whether the land was good and whether God was going to give it to them.  He and Joshua reported that the land was great and God had given it to them, while 10 others made the people's hearts melt.  They were afraid of the descendants of Anak, who were known to be giants and great warriors.  The people did not trust God to deliver them and so they wandered around in disobedience for 40 years.  But in Joshua 14, Caleb says to Joshua, 'I have not fogotten what the Lord put in my heart.  Now give me this land as my inheritance and we will see if God is able to deliver.'  Apparently the Lord had placed this certain piece of the promised land in Caleb's heart and it became his burning passion to conquer this land for the rest of his days.  I wonder, what has the Lord placed upon your heart?  What are you doing for the kingdom that will not pass away?  The truth is that most of the time we spend our lives toiling for things that simply do not matter.  But God did not destine us for a meaningless life, He destined us for GREATNESS!

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