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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Daily Word March 3, 2011 - "The King Trusts in the Lord"

Psalm 21:7
"For the king trusts in the LORD, and through the steadfast love of the Most High he shall not be moved."
With all of the political news circulating around, I thought it would be interesting to look at how the Bible describes a ruler.  It is interesting that so often we vote based on "common sense" considerations, and we should.  But if the Bible is our standard and God's Word our road map, then shouldn't we look to its counsel before making any decisions about our elected officials?  This is not meant to be a political statement to any degree, only a thought process to be considered as each of us prays about the official we choose to represent us.  Listen to what the psalmist says he looks for in his ruler.  "For the king trusts in the LORD..."  Today, we vote certain ways for many reasons, and it is the Christian responsibility to exercise his right to vote.  However, we must always make sure that our reason of vote lines up with a Biblical word - we should look for candidates whose hope and trust is in the Lord.  If a ruler's hope is in the Lord, then we can have assurance (not that they will not make mistakes) is in God and not the ruler.  The highest offices in the land should be first privately governed by the Most High God.

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