Kellie, Isabella, Isaiah, and Pastor Chris

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Isabella Eleanor & Isaiah Calvin

We are happy to announce the birth of Isabella Eleanor Guffey (4lbs 9 oz – 17in) and Isaiah Calvin Guffey (6lbs 7oz – 19in).  They were born at 7:59 a.m. and 8:00 a.m., respectively, on Monday morning.  Kellie had a very difficult delivery, but is doing great.  This morning she was on her feet for the first time and now seems to be coming back to her usual self. 
Isaiah is very healthy and doing well.  He has blonde hair and blue eyes at this time.  He had only a few breathing problems after delivery, but after about 30 minutes was stable and breathing on his own.  He has reacted very well to all of the tests, except being cranky afterwards.
Isabella is a miracle, no doubt.  We were told that we would not get to see her after the delivery.  The doctors has predicted that she would probably go home with the Lord within a few minutes of delivery.  If she didn’t, they believed she would be rushed to NICU, where they hoped they could give everyone the opportunity to bond on Tuesday.  However, she shocked everyone when she came out.  She was stable, breathing on her own, good blood sugar counts, good blood pressure, seemingly perfectly healthy.  So instead of having to wait to meet her, Isaiah, Isabella, and myself were waiting to see Kellie in recovery. 
With all of that said, we have kept this information close to us because we knew there were still some obstacles ahead.  Yesterday, the staff was unable to get Isabella to eat and maintain a healthy body temperature.  Around 10:00 p.m. the decision was made to go ahead and take her to NICU.  They have done several tests today, including mri’s and ultrasounds of her brain.  The results have been good and bad.  The piece of her brain that was thought to be missing during the pregnancy is not missing!  This is obviously great news that everyone was excited to hear.  However, it is much smaller than it is supposed to be, which probably will affect her motor skills (one doctor said, “she will be clumsy for the rest of her life”).  While I am sure this was bad news to him, for us, we can deal with clumsy.  The water and subsequent pressure that was seen on her brain is still present.  This has led for the staff to bring in a brain surgeon, who specializes in children.  We have several options in front of us, with some difficult decisions to make.  At this time, we would covet your prayers as we consider what the best option is.  With that said, for an unexplained reason, she has already begun to “self-decompress” which is a great thing, so long as she does not go too far.  Right now the greatest threat facing her is her inability to eat.  She has the skills to swallow and from what we can tell, her organs seem to be operating perfectly.  However, we do not know why she is not eating.  It could be that because of her size, she is spending all of her energy trying to stay warm and just doesn’t have the energy to eat – this would be the best solution.  The other option is that while the brain was compressed with fluid, it is possible that the pressure damaged the part of the brain which tells the body when and how to eat.  If this is the case, the outlook would not be good.  So the only thing we can do at this time is simply wait and see how she responds after being put into an incubator and given a feeding tube for a few days.  Hopefully with some new found strength and energy, she will be able to regulate her temperature and eat properly.  The final problem is that her brain stem and spinal chord have been arranged crooked because of the pressure on the brain.  Again, only time will answer questions about her mobility and so forth, but at the present she is passing all of the reaction tests that they did not expect her to be passing.  All in all, we have not learned anything we did not know before we came in for delivery.  The only bits of information that are new are that she is surprising everyone with her responses and ability to continue to fight for life.  We were told today that Kellie and Isaiah will probably be discharged on Wednesday or Thursday.  However, we will probably be spending the next 10-14 days with Isabella here at the hospital.  Right now, we are working on hotel arrangements and my work schedule.
Kellie and I are doing great!  We are excited about these blessings from God!  If something were to happen to Isabella, God has blessed us so much by giving us the last two days.  There has been a song stuck in my head for the past few days, the words of the second stanza and chorus summarize our thoughts.  “Worthy of reverence, worthy of fear, worthy of love and devotion, worthy of bowing and bending of knees, worthy of all this and added to these – You are worthy, Father, Creator; You are worthy, Savior, Sustainer; You are worthy, worthy and wonderful, worthy of worship and praise.” 
Many are asking about coming and visiting.  We would love to see all of you.  With that said, in the interest of baby Isabella, it would be best to keep visits to a minimum.  Now that she is in the NICU, we are the only ones allowed to sit with her.  However, we are here with Isaiah and if you want to visit the only thing we ask is that you please call and set up a time with us.  That which we need most at this time is your prayers.  Pray continually that Isabella would gain strength and begin to eat.  This would be a sign that the problem is not a brain problem and would get the doctors closer to the right treatment quickly.  I am sorry that I had to miss this Sunday, know that we missed being in your presence greatly.  I will be back in the office, with a schedule worked out as soon as possible.  Thank you for your continual support.
Held By Grace,
Pastor Chris, Kellie, Isabella, and Isaiah Guffey


  1. So happy to hear the good news of your double blessings! God's in the miracle-working business and His light always shines brightest in darker places. Praying for miracles for all of you and thanking God for the graces He has shown you.

    In Christ,
    Lisa Roam

  2. I am praying! I wanted to call but I knew you are probably really busy and need some rest. I hope to talk with you soon and if you need anything please let me know I can totally drive to you guys easily and would love to help. Anything you, checking on your house, things picked up? I love you guys and miss ya! I can't wait to meet these two little new Guffeys.