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Monday, August 15, 2011

Daily Word August 15, 2011

Starting today, I want to begin a new format.  Let's try to make this as interactive as possible.  What I would like to do on a daily basis is revisit the previous Sunday's message.  Each day we will look at one point or two and discuss the practical ramifications and outworkings of that point.

Today, we begin with the 4 basic methods of growth in the New Testament church of Acts.  Remember that these are found in Acts 2:42.  A growing church Devotes Themselves To:
                  1.  The Word of God
                  2.  The Fellowship
                  3.  The Breaking of Bread
                 4.  Praying

Now the question is, "how do I practically do these things?"

For my response, I will take up point number one - Devoted to the Word of God.  I can devote myself to the Word of God by committing to set aside time out of every day to spend studying God's Word.  Then having studied, I can journal about that which God has shown me in my life that needs to change.  Having acknowledged the things that need to change, I can keep a progress report privately to measure my conformity to God's Teaching.
What about you?

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