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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Daily Word August 17, 2011

Point #3 - "Devoting themselves to the breaking of bread."

The early church took special time and attention to spending time with one another.  They met in their houses for worship, prayer, fellowship and so on.   There was a special bond that was formed because of these intimate settings.  They shared their lives with one another as they felt comfortable to do so.  In some ways, the modern church has lost this because of our big buildings and "star-lit" services.  On top of all this, the early church was going through much persecution.  As they engaged with one another, dining with one another, there was a bond formed like that of men at war.  They were really brothers and sisters.  The church must return to our herritage of engaging with one another through intimate fellowship.

What can I do?  Be intentional about finding prayer warriors and friends in the church.  Find people who I can be transparent with, as we labor together and share one another's burdens.

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