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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Daily Word August 18, 2011

Point #4 - "They devoted themselves to prayer."

No doubt prayer was an important component of the early church.  But why?  Going back to our series on prayer, prayer is for the purpose of conforming my will to the will of God.  Therefore, prayer was so important to the early church because they were utterly dependent upon God to make His will and plans known to them.  They knew that any success would be based on abiding in God's will and the only way to abide in God's will is to know what it is.  Also, prayer is for the purpose of intimacy.  Christ had ascended into heaven and for the first time, these apostles were now on their own in ministry.  They knew that they must daily seek after Christ and grow in relationship with him, which could only be done through prayer.

Today we often forsake praying because we are not dependent upon God for success.  However, just as it was for the early church, prayer would be the power to drive the engine.  I can improve by meeting regularly with church leadership.  In those meetings, spend our time in prayer, as oposed to planning.

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