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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Daily Word September 13, 2011

Acts 6:2
"And the twelve summoned the full number of the disciples..."

When there was a complaint in front of the church, a challenge to unity, the response was intriguing.  It was so simple that it is often missed, taken for granted.  When the Hellenists had a complaint against the Hebrews, the apostles gathered the entire group - not just the Hellenists or just the Hebrews.  Out of this group, they selected 7 men to serve as deacons.  This decision brought unity to the people because it involved everyone.  There were representatives from each group, so every group that was gathered was represented, their voices heard and their problems addressed.  Often times in the modern church, it is a few people from a select group making the decisions.  But the apostles gave us a "problem solving model" by showing us that such times of complaint can bring us closer together or tear us further apart.  It's not much, but because it is so simple, most churches over look it.

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