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Monday, October 17, 2011

Daily Word October 18, 2011

Luke 15:17
"When he came to himself..."

You can imagine this teenage boy was acting like...well, a teenage boy.  He was wallowing in the hog slop pretending that it was everyone else's fault that he was in the position he was.  He blamed mother nature for the famine, his brother for his attitude, his dad for being a bad manager of his inherritance, the casino for cheating him, and the list goes on.  But then all of a sudden, as he blamed the entire courtroom, the only person left in the room was the person staring him back in the mirror.  I imagine (the key is that I imagine), he was feeding the hogs and he stopped to get a drink from the stream.  He saw his reflection in the water and he "came to himself."  He realized that the only person to blame for being in this position was himself.

Beloved, it is easy for us to blame everything and everyone for our circumstances.  The truth is that we are our own worst enemies.  If we are in the pig pen, it is probably not someone else's fault...its probably my own doing.  But this is the point of repentance - we are empty of ourselves and recognize the responsibility that rests on our own shoulders.

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