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Monday, October 24, 2011

Daily Word October 24, 2011

Jonah 1:1
"Now the word of the Lord came to Jonah the son of Amittai..."

In just a few short words, we learn that Jonah was a child of promise.  His name means "dove" and so often in the Bible, God's messengers are called, pictured, or told to be like doves.  Second, it says that his father was "Amittai" - faithfulness.  So he is called a messenger who was the son of faithfulness - Jonah had the right mommy and daddy.  Third, the "word of the Lord" came to him - he knew how to hear God's voice.  He had been given the unique and special privilege to be a prophet of God.  He would hear directly from God and then give that message to a people.  There is also an interesting tradition about Jonah.  There is a tradition that Jonah was the son of the widow of Zeraphath who was raised from the dead in 1 Kings 17.  If that is true, which we really have no way to prove, then Jonah had experienced the power of God very personally in his own life.

So here is Jonah, full of promise.  Yet as we read through the pages of his story, we see not the man of faith we expect.  Instead, we see one who is running from "the presence of the Lord", one who is filled with nationalistic pride that doesn't want Nineveh to repent, and one who is "hot under the collar."  How did he go so wrong?  While we don't have all of the answers to that question, I believe the story of Jonah is a lesson to us all about the fact that no one is "above" disobedience.  Even the stars fall, even the moon can be covered by the clouds.  No one is ever so spiritual, that they cannot be headed to Tarshish.

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